Flow Repeater Component in Salesforce

by Zuber Rangreaz

Hello folks, today we will discuss  Flow Repeater Component in Salesforce. The Component has been a much-anticipated feature in the world of Salesforce automation. With its general availability, it has introduced a range of functionalities that enhance the user experience and streamline data collection processes.

Repeater component is now generally available (GA) as part of the Salesforce Summer ’24 release. This marks a significant leap forward in screen flow capabilities, allowing users to create multiple records on a single screen. 

This feature allows fields within the Repeater to be shown or hidden based on certain conditions. It’s particularly useful for creating dynamic forms where the visibility of information depends on user input. 

Ensuring data integrity is crucial, and the Repeater component supports input validation to confirm that the data entered by users meets predefined criteria. 

To assist users in filling out forms correctly, help text can be added to each field within the Repeater component. 

The Repeater component significantly improves how users interact with screen flows by allowing them to add or repeat a set of components at runtime. This is especially useful for collecting information about multiple related items, such as beneficiaries on an insurance policy. 

When debugging a flow that includes a Repeater component, the debugger now displays detailed information about the component, which aids in troubleshooting and ensures smoother flow execution.

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Key Highlights :

  1. Multiple Record Creation: Users can now create multiple records on a single screen, streamlining the data collection process.
  2. Dynamic Visibility: Fields within the Repeater can be shown or hidden based on certain conditions, allowing for dynamic forms that adapt to user input.
  3. Data Integrity: Input validation is supported to ensure that the data entered meets predefined criteria, maintaining data integrity.
  4. Debugging Aid: The debugger provides detailed information about the Repeater component, aiding in troubleshooting and ensuring smoother flow execution.

Code :

Step 1: Create a Screen Flow, add Repeater Type component from component list.

Step 2: Drag Loop element for assignment the values to variables

Step 2: Add the Assignment element and assign contacts.

Step 2: Drag Create element and create Contact records.

Full-Screen flow:

Output :


Reference :

  1. Flow Screen Display Component: Repeater
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