How Digital Document Signing Saves Time, Money & the Planet

by Rijwan Mohmmed

As we move into an increasingly digital world, how you handle your documents should also evolve. Traditional document signing methods involve printing, mailing, and storing physical paper documents are giving way to more sustainable digital alternatives. 

Taking your document signing processes online can offer your business numerous benefits that go much further than just being convenient. Leveraging technology to handle your document signing process can save your business time and money, and minimize your environmental footprint. 

Making the shift will not only assist with enhancing your overall operational efficiency but will also contribute to more sustainable business practices, aligning with the global effort to reduce consumption and conserve resources. 

Signing Documents Online: What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a technique used to validate and authenticate the integrity of digital documents. Unlike their traditional counterparts that can be forged, digital signatures offer high-security levels by using mathematical algorithms and encryption. Let’s quickly cover how to sign a document online: 

  1. First, you will create your document using an online e-signature solution. When your document is signed digitally, a hash is created and encrypted using the signer’s private key to produce a digital signature. 
  2. The document recipient will decrypt the digital signature using the signer’s public key and compare the hash with a newly generated hash. This ensures the document has not been altered since it was signed and confirms it was signed by the owner of the key. 

The essential components of the process are the public and private keys and the hash function. The keys are essential for the encryption and decryption process. The private key should be sent to the signer, and the public key can be shared openly. The hash is a mathematical algorithm that creates a unique representation of your document. If any change is made to the document, it will result in an entirely different hash, making it a useful way to ensure the integrity of your documents. 

Digital signatures ensure your documents are secure, signed efficiently, and legally valid, and reduce the need for physical paper documents. 

E-Sign Documents with Salesforce Electronic Signature

Leveraging Salesforce’s powerful CRM capabilities, you can use it as your e-signature and document-signing solution. Using Salesforce digital signature capabilities, your business can streamline the electronic contract signing processes, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency. We’ve covered some key features of this e-sign digital signature solution for you to consider. 

Speeding Up the Signature on Documents

By implementing an online document signature solution and creating automated processes, you can alleviate any bottlenecks reducing delays and removing inefficiencies. To take your processes to the next level, integrate your e-signature solution with your CRM system so you can include dynamic data in your documents reducing the need for manual data entry. The signing process has never been easier as users can easily see where they need to sign. You can also include comments and guides to help signers through more complicated processes. 

Reduction in Administrative Tasks

Taking your document process online reduces the need for administrative tasks as you streamline your workflows and enhance productivity. Your team can focus on building relationships and moving through the negotiation process rather than completing paperwork. No paper means you don’t need to print, copy, transport, and then finally file the documents in your storage system. You can track the process of your document with the click of a button instead of making endless follow-up phone calls. 

Lower Mailing and Storage Costs with Online Signature

Adopting electronic signatures offers your business cost savings especially when it comes to mailing and storage. Firstly, you no longer need to physically mail paper documents or courier them if there is a time crunch. This means your documents are signed faster, and there is no chance of a document going missing in transit. Storing paper documents is expensive and can become an issue down the line if you need to find a contract that’s sitting in a box in a warehouse. Keeping your documents online means they don’t take up nearly as much space, are easy to find, and save you money in the long run. 

Enhanced Security and Compliance

These signature solutions offer high security and compliance features, addressing vulnerabilities associated with the traditional paper-based process. Offering encryption, authentication methods, tamper-evident technology, controlled access and permission sets, and compliance with privacy laws, you can rest assured that your documents meet industry standards and requirements. 

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce your reliance on paper and minimize the need for document handling. By reducing your paper consumption, you can decrease deforestation and cut down on the energy consumption associated with the paper manufacturing process. Printing and mailing all impact your carbon footprint eliminating the need for these services can reduce your footprint. Overall your business can become more sustainable and benefit from the cost reduction associated with paper documents. 

Titan’s Electronic Signature Software for Salesforce Digital Documents

Seal the deal with a swift electronic Salesforce signature solution. You can sign, seal, and deliver agreements in minutes while tracking everything in Salesforce using Titan’s no-code document signing app. 

This smooth Salesforce email signature, digital signature, and e-signature solution empowers you to design dynamic, responsive signing processes with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Titan eSignatures are fully accessible and meet all requirements outlined in section 508. Signatures are also 100% secure and compliant with HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO, GDPR, and other leading frameworks.

Why choose this tool over other digital signature providers? You can finalize big deals in minutes using the robust signing capability. Create complex logic, merge templates, send multiple documents in one email, and have all your documents signed in one package.  You can set up automatic notifications to keep your salespeople and management team up to date on all document activity including; when someone views, voids, or signs a document. Titan Sign also updates Salesforce records with data directly from the document and input fields once signing is completed. Choose to go paperless and go green with an e-signature solution today!

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