Nuke data entry errors with Titan’s dynamic forms for Salesforce

by Rijwan Mohmmed

When you use Titan’s platform, you get tailor-made Salesforce dynamic forms. This means that your marketing, sales, and customer service teams can create forms that match their specific project requirements.

With Titan’s dynamic forms, data can be collected and pushed directly to Salesforce to speed up any of your work processes.

Join us in the article below to explore the importance of removing data entry errors from Salesforce with Titan.

Salesforce & Dynamic Forms

Creating dynamic forms in Salesforce with Titan is easy, and you get the benefit of removing manual data entry tasks at the same time. Titan will collect data from people interacting with your dynamic form and push it to Salesforce so your employees don’t need to. This task will keep your accumulated customer data on a single CRM platform: super accessible – 24/7!

Another advantage of using a dynamic form in Salesforce is that you can use it to automate processes. Titan Forms has a drag-and-drop forms builder, so you can speed up any workflow process with zero code. That’s right, with Titan, you don’t need to create Angular dynamic forms.

Easy Data Entry Use Case

As an example, we have come to learn that marketers enjoy the faster processes created by Titan. Now, they get to manage leads seamlessly with zero data entry into Salesforce. With Titan Forms, they can automatically collect lead information from forms and push the data to Salesforce where leads are created, scored, and routed to sales agents.

Common Data Entry Errors in Salesforce

Now that you know that you can totally eliminate manual data entry tasks in Salesforce. Let’s look at some of the data entry errors that could occur in your Salesforce database if you choose not to automate your workflows.

When Required Fields are Missing

Your data capturers could easily forget to fill out information in account required fields on Salesforce which will display as incomplete details on your platform. This data entry error can cause a lot of confusion across your business teams and give you incorrect reports.

An Invalid Email Address

Data capturers might create invalid email addresses in Salesforce. This is an easy mistake, simply by leaving out important details when transferring contact information from forms to a database.

This Salesforce data error usually found in customer and lead profiles will stop your teams from resolving issues or engaging with leads and customers entirely.

Exploring Validation Rule Exceptions

You might notice that data has been entered in the wrong format in your Salesforce database. For example, a common mistake is to enter text in a date field. This Salesforce data entry error can create problems for data tools in automated workflows.

To avoid this type of error, you should work with validation rules in Salesforce. Validation rules are added to fields on a form to ensure that data is only submitted to Salesforce if it is correct.

Titan’s advanced tools let you add validation rules to Salesforce form fields. This strategy improves the accuracy of data captured. Then, go ahead and embed the dynamic forms within Salesforce as an LWC component.

When an Entity is Deleted

You could have an accident where an entity is deleted in Salesforce. Although it might have been a simple mistake, this error can have massive consequences. However, if data has been deleted, we recommend navigating to your Salesforce Recycle Bin.

Here you will find all your Salesforce records that have recently been deleted. To restore your Salesforce records to your database, simply select your records and click Restore in the Recycle Bin.

Just keep in mind that you will only find Salesforce records in the Recycle Bin that were deleted in the last 15 days. This period is the default setting, but you do have the option to change it if you need.

Titan’s Drag-and-Drop Dynamic Form Builder for Salesforce

If you want to remove all your manual data collection and entry tasks for Salesforce, we highly recommend Titan Forms. This app offers a dynamic form builder to create custom forms with conditional logic to collect and pre-fill data from Salesforce.

With advanced automation like this, you get to abolish data entry errors from your business processes. The best part about using Titan Forms is that all of this can be accomplished using a drag-&-drop forms builder and zero code.

Tackling Data Entry Errors with Titan’s Dynamic Forms 

Titan Forms works well with any Salesforce object and delivers real-time integration to your favorite CRM platform. Here are some ways to put an end to data entry errors using Titan’s dynamic forms.

Rapid Data Transfers

Titan lets you use conditional logic on your Salesforce dynamic forms and standard objects. This means your forms will transform based on how a person fills them out.

This feature helps users to submit forms more accurately as they will only see questions that are relevant to them. The rest of the fields on the form will be hidden so the user can only enter data pertinent to their profile.

Another advantage of dynamic forms is that they have conditional logic, so they guide users naturally. People can enter their data into a dynamic form in a logical order, and this will ensure they do not skip important information that needs to be added to required fields for data transfers to Salesforce.

Dynamic forms are smart. They can provide calculations, like quotes, to leads and customers based on data submitted. This example shows that you can save your sales agents time by automating the quoting process. It also ensures that the financial figures are accurate and there are no errors in your quotes.

Excellent Data Reporting

With Titan on your side, you get to collect data fast and accurately with no code. But we also know that you have to keep your sensitive data safe.

Rest assured, Titan forms are secure and compliant with leading frameworks, such as HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO, and GDPR. All of these little features pay attention to the finer details to ensure that you have the very best data to analyze and report on.

When you have high-quality information, data reporting in Salesforce can be a trusted and powerful asset for making business decisions. Creating Salesforce reports with Titan’s assistance will give your managers dependable insights to drive sales and nurture customer relationships.

Wrapping Up | Fixing Data Entry Errors with Titan’s Dynamic Forms for Salesforce

Thanks for reading our article on Salesforce data entry and how you can avoid errors in your CRM platform by using Titan Forms. Titan can give you the power to create dynamic forms for Salesforce with zero coding knowledge. Titan is a platform like no other, allowing you to build dynamic forms in Salesforce that push and pull data from multiple objects. It’s time to get rid of those manual data entry errors and create dynamic forms with logic that works with your unique Salesforce data structures and project requirements.

Good Luck!

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